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Jaroslaw Grzegorzek

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MPC Observatory Code: L25

Supernova Search

Because of the false information about my discovery SN 2019ehk (illegal assigning the discovery to another person - Joel Shepherd by Wynn V. Jacobson-Galán, Raffaella Margutti - Northwestern University) published in "The Astrophysical Journal" in August 5, 2020 and many internet portals, I made a very difficult decision to suspend supernova search from August 13, 2020. More information and my short explanation.. Spectroscopic classification of supernovae I made in JGAO observatory

Spectroscopic observatory - "GREEN"

My latest supernova discovery - SN 2019wzj in PGC213076 (2019.12.18)

Previous discoveries were made using the following equipment

In the "RED" observatory

"RED" and "GREEN" observatories


Supernovae observed in JGAO - discovered by other observers